Progressive Resistance and Strength Training with SPRI Exercise Tubing

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We know that an effective weight loss exercise in a healthy weight loss program is based on a principle called progressive resistance. Besides 5 ways mentioned in last progressive resistance article, there are 5 more ways of doing progressive resistance purposely for SPRI Exercise Tubing. It is important to know this as is a good choice when you are on your journey. With SPRI exercise tubing, always go from yellow to green, red, blue and finally purple tube.

Normally, when we practice standing exercise using SPRI exercise tubing, we will perform in a stance referred as staggered stance. It means you place one foot forward, with another foot back about one to one and a half feet. With this stance, you will use more of the gluteal muscles, which are the largest muscles of your body. As such, you will recruit more muscle tissues and oxygen during the exercise. During the workout, you place your right foot in front of left foot for the first 5 repetitions, and exchange your foot for the remaining 5 repetitions of workout.

These 5 ways of progressive resistance training are stated as below:

1) Lower your Stance

A good way to carry out progressive resistance training is lower your staggered stance for all standing exercise. With a lower stance, you will place more tension on the body and core when you do the upper-body exercises. One thing to remember here: never feel that you need to complete 10 repetitions right away with this lower stance. You can do for 6 repetitions at the first time, and then gradually increase to 10 repetitions later on.

2) Stand Farther Away from the Door Attachment

This type of progressive resistance training will increase the intensity of the exercises. It is advisable that you adopt this progressive resistance way before go to the next level of tension. For example, let say you use green tube now to perform the exercise. By moving farther away from the door attachment, you make the exercise harder. When you feel you have gotten as far away as is comfortable, then it is the time to go for red tube.

3) Increase Body Instability

This is one of the good ways in progressive resistance, as we engage our core muscle group, we bring many more stabilizer muscles into play. This stabilizer muscles will support each core muscle group, and thus enhance and tone the lean muscles and make you looked fitter than before. You can do it either in one of the methods stated below:
# For standing exercise, we always do it in staggered stance. When we want to make a progressive resistance, for example in back row, you can stand on one leg and life the other leg off the floor.

# Use BOSU ball: It is an instability tool and looks like exercise ball cutting in half. It is a good way for progressive resistance either you stand on the round part on the top or turn it over and work on the flat surface.

# SPRI Xerdisc: It is also an instability tool, with same function like BOSU ball. It looks like a small plastic flying saucer and is good for doing progressive resistance for upper-body, lower-body and also core exercises.

4) Change Hand Position

Another form of progressive resistance is change your hand position for all the standing exercise for lower body with the Lex Loop, such as the hip extension, hip abduction etc. You can raise your hands directly over your head, this will increase the exercise intensity as you put more muscles into play and generally increase your heart rate.

5) Combination of 2 or More Ways

You always can combine 2 or more ways of progressive resistance that suit you the most after a period of time. In fact, you can also switch to free-weight program and then come back to SPRI exercise tubing. The most important thing here is having a good exercise planning ahead.

Before you enroll to any exercise plan in any program for weight loss, always understand the correct weight loss concept so that you can have a good idea in planning your program for weight loss.

Last modified: January 25, 2018

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