More than a year has passed since it was forbidden to purchase ephedra for fixing excessive weight problem. And Xenadrine diet pills containing this active ingredient has appeared in the list of dangerous medications.

When people used all ephedra they have bought before the medication was forbidden, the desperate need of new weight-loss products has emerged. Though the consumers highly appreciated ephedra for its great efficacy, the manufacturers have managed to develop some worthy alternatives.

The Best Diet Pills – PhenQ

PhenQ is a much-acclaimed weight loss pills which is rapidly gaining popularity among the customers worldwide. This product is known for its ability to inhibit fat accumulation, destroy fat storages, and reduce the feeling of hunger. It also can lift mood and increase vitality.

We rank this product as the best diet pills which really meets the customers’ expectations. It’s highly favorable for overall health and very effective for weight loss.


Crazybulk is a reliable company that makes the well-working supplements. And Clenbutrol is one of them. This supplement includes many strong ingredients able to satisfy your requirements. The product has thermogenic properties. That’s why when you take it, internal temperature of the body raises. As a result, metabolism improves, while fat percentage decreases, especially in troubled areas.

You will also experience upsurge in energy levels. The supplement helps manage stress and reduce anxiety without any adverse reactions.

Using this supplement, you will even not notice how quickly the body burns the stored fat during high-intensity workout routine.

Forskolin 250

Forskolin is an exclusive weight loss supplement that offers numerous health benefits. This natural substance has an herbal origin since it is extracted from Coleus forskohlii herb. The substance is famous for its ability to change testosterone and thyroid hormone levels.

Forskolin boosts the production of adenylate cyclase enzyme, which regulates cAMP levels, maintaining them high.

By elevating cAMP levels, it’s possible to normalize blood pressure, suppress platelet aggregation, widen blood vessels, improve lung functions, intensify thyroid hormone synthesis, as well as accelerate fat burning process.

If testosterone production increases, lean body mass also grows. Also, high testosterone levels are necessary to enhance protein synthesis. Both effects are perfect for everyone who aspires to have an ideal body composition.

Comparison of Weight Loss Methods in the Market

It is very important to understand different weight loss methods in the market before you decide to join any program for weight loss. With one over six of world population being affected by overweight issue, weight loss creates a multi-billion dollar business opportunity and this will definitely attract various companies to get involved and try gaining market share in this industry.

If you are being overweight and have excess body fat, you need to clearly know losing fat is totally different with losing weight. In a healthy weight loss program, a loss in weight might just be a loss in body fluid or loss in lean muscle tissues. Only loss in body fat and gain in lean muscle mass will let you enjoy lasting weight loss results, and thus be the correct weight loss method in the market.

Below are some of current weight loss methods in the market and possible side effects for your references.

Weight loss method #1: Slimming Drugs

Ephedrine: Controls cravings.
Side effects: Insomnia, constipation, hallucination

Diuretic: Loss of water, causing decrease in weight for temporarily
Side effects: Nausea, dizziness, lower blood pressure

Slimming pills (prescription): Lipase inhibitor
Side effects: Diarrhea, bloating

(Note: please refer weight loss supplement article for other ingredients that bring side effects to our body)

Weight loss method #2: Diet

Atkins Diet: Consumes only meat and no carbohydrates
Side effects: Increase kidneys’ burden. May cause spasm or osteoporosis

Fasting: Loss of water
Side effects: Loses lean muscle rapidly. May cause palpitation, weakness and even death

Low calorie meal: Short term effective results
Side effects: May cause malnutrition in the long run

Weight loss method #3: Surgery

Liposuction: An operation that removes unwanted fats from specific areas, including abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs.
Side effects: Possibility of gaining weight again

Gastric restrictive procedure- Vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG): Reduce the size of stomach by 15% to 30%.
Side effects: May cause future digestive and absorption problem

Other Weight loss methods

Sauna, Steam bath: Temporary water loss
Side effects: Weight is gained back after water is added back to body

Acupuncture, Accu-pressure: Control appetite
Side effects: Appetite resumes once the treatments is stopped

Slimming apparels: Increase your body temperature, perspiration
Side effects: Weight is gained back after water is added back to body

Please understand thoroughly about weight loss method you decide to use in any program for weight loss. No matter which weight loss method you choose, it is always to put safety at the first place. In a healthy weight loss program, it is advisable to have right weight loss concept, perform right exercise as well as eat right food and nutrition so that you can enjoy optimal weight loss results.