5 Important Things to Aware in Weight Loss

Weight Loss

You decide to join a program for weight loss now. You start to perform exercise and adjust your diet habit. However, please aware of below 5 important things when you are in any program for weight loss.

1) Never lose weight for An Event, lose weight for Life

If your purpose of joining a program for weight loss is getting off extra pounds for an upcoming special event such as a wedding, reunion or birthday function, then normally you will gain back the weight after that particular event. Yes, it is true. You might take 5 months to lose 10kg, and only 5 weeks to gain it all back. Why? It is because you do not have the correct attitude towards weight loss at the first place. Weight loss and health are lifetime issues, same as your car maintenance. You do not send your car for servicing just for initial 6 months and do nothing about it after that period of time, right? Secondly, you do not know how to continue your success and modify the weight loss plan, which I will share about it afterwards.

2) Never Exercise to Eat

There are some people undertake exercise program simply to justify over eating. You might expend around 1,000 calories over 2 hour exercise, but consume nearly 2000 calories at McDonald’s immediately after the exercise, which consists of a large fries that runs 520 calories, a Big Mac of 560 calories, a strawberry sundae of 280 calories, a snack size fruit & walnut salad of 210 calories and a large Coca-cola drink of 310 calories. At the end, you will gain weight instead of losing weight in any program for weight loss. Over time, excessive eating will most likely cause you to have more exercise, and you will end up over eating and over exercising, which may lead to injury such as bad knees. Once you get injured, then you might forced to cease in exercising. This is definitely not what you want, right?

3) Never Eat Less than 1,000 calories a day

When we eat less than 1,000 calories a day in any program for weight loss, we place our body in starvation mode. In order to survive longer, the body will slow the metabolism. When you cease the program for weight loss, your weight will bounce back even with the same amount of food you used to eat before the program. In a healthy weigh loss program, our goal is boosting metabolism instead of slowing down metabolism. Besides, it is unrealistic to stay on a plan of less than 1,000 calories a day for a period of time. It does not reflect the real eating life. You might easily give up when you face the challenge. In fact, we can choose a better and healthier way to lose weight if you want.

4) Never Skip Meals

We never skip meals in a healthy weight loss program, because it leads to low blood sugar level, and this will lead you to binge at the next meal. As you are under starving, your brain will instruct you to get as much food in as possible, mainly something sweet (simple carbohydrates) or some food that will quickly turn to sugar in your body. And in most cases, you will consume much more calories than normally do at that day. Skipping meals just does not work.

5) Weigh Yourself and Get Measurement Regularly

If you really concern about losing weight, weigh everyday is necessary at the initial weight loss stage as you can monitor closely about your weight, body fat and lean muscle percentage. At this stage, just record down every figures and get your data range. After a period of time, say one month, you may weigh yourself once or twice a week on the same scale, same time with the same costume. Besides weighing yourself, take the body measurements at least once every month, for your upper arm, waist, abdomen, hip, thigh and calf. You can have further information on weight loss tips if you want to lose weight effectively.

It is better if you have correct weight loss concept and more tips on weight loss in any program for weight loss. Besides, include a balance diet as well as performing the right exercise if you are really serious about losing weight.

Last modified: January 25, 2018

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