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More than a year has passed since it was forbidden to purchase ephedra for fixing excessive weight problem. And Xenadrine diet pills containing this active ingredient has appeared in the list of dangerous medications.
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When people used all ephedra they have bought before the medication was forbidden, the desperate need of new weight-loss products has emerged. Though the consumers highly appreciated ephedra for its great efficacy, the manufacturers have managed to develop some worthy alternatives.

The Best Diet Pills – PhenQ

PhenQ is a much-acclaimed weight loss pills which is rapidly gaining popularity among the customers worldwide. This product is known for its ability to inhibit fat accumulation, destroy fat storages, and reduce the feeling of hunger. It also can lift mood and increase vitality.

We rank this product as the best diet pills which really meets the customers’ expectations. It’s highly favorable for overall health and very effective for weight loss.


Crazybulk is a reliable company that makes the well-working supplements. And Clenbutrol is one of them. This supplement includes many strong ingredients able to satisfy your requirements. The product has thermogenic properties. That’s why when you take it, internal temperature of the body raises. As a result, metabolism improves, while fat percentage decreases, especially in troubled areas.

You will also experience upsurge in energy levels. The supplement helps manage stress and reduce anxiety without any adverse reactions.

Using this supplement, you will even not notice how quickly the body burns the stored fat during high-intensity workout routine.

Forskolin 250

Forskolin is an exclusive weight loss and testosterone supplement that offers numerous health benefits. This natural substance has an herbal origin since it is extracted from Coleus forskohlii herb. The substance is famous for its ability to change testosterone and thyroid hormone levels.

Forskolin boosts the production of adenylate cyclase enzyme, which regulates cAMP levels, maintaining them high.

By elevating cAMP levels, it’s possible to normalize blood pressure, suppress platelet aggregation, widen blood vessels, improve lung functions, intensify thyroid hormone synthesis, as well as accelerate fat burning process.

If testosterone production increases, lean body mass also grows. Also, high testosterone levels are necessary to enhance protein synthesis. Both effects are perfect for everyone who aspires to have an ideal body composition.

Comparison of Weight Loss Methods in the Market

It is very important to understand different weight loss methods in the market before you decide to join any program for weight loss. With one over six of world population being affected by overweight issue, weight loss creates a multi-billion dollar business opportunity and this will definitely attract various companies to get involved and try gaining market share in this industry.

If you are being overweight and have excess body fat, you need to clearly know losing fat is totally different with losing weight. In a healthy weight loss program, a loss in weight might just be a loss in body fluid or loss in lean muscle tissues. Only loss in body fat and gain in lean muscle mass will let you enjoy lasting weight loss results, and thus be the correct weight loss method in the market.

Below are some of current weight loss methods in the market and possible side effects for your references.

PhenQ Diet Pills

PhenQ was created to provide results similar to Phentermine which is recognized worldwide as the most powerful weight loss pill you can find. Not only does it rise to the challenge but it succeeds in doing so without the dangerous side-effects that resulted in the banning of Phentermine. It also has the added benefit of being non-addictive and can therefore be used for as long as it takes to meet your weight loss objectives.

Though completely legal, it combines some of the most powerful fat loss ingredients ever discovered. Its success relies on an ability to burn fat, raise your metabolism, and even diminish the body’s tendency to store fat.

It also works to keep at bay the persistent cravings that cause most diets to fail. For most people, discipline is the most difficult aspect of dieting to contend with, but PhenQ helps to alleviate that burden. By helping to curb your appetite, it assists in reducing calorie intake to levels that stimulate weight loss.

While people are looking for solutions to reduce their weight in the form of magic pills and new breakthrough research that reveals the latest secret to weight loss, there a few simple things that someone can do in order to become leaner and improve his health and quality of his life. Things like eating more healthy, stop smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and exercise. Of course you don’t see advertised those things as they don’t leave the profits that supplements do, actually they leave no profit all. But unless you have excessive weight it is not necessary for you to take medication as you can get excellent results with lifestyle changes.

Actually, the most difficult thing is to get the self-discipline that you need in order to stay on your new path and not return to your old habits a few days or weeks later. But if you are determined to bring change to your life and stay focused on your new life plan pretty soon you would be able to see results.

Weight loss method #1: Slimming Drugs

Ephedrine: Controls cravings.
Side effects: Insomnia, constipation, hallucination

Diuretic: Loss of water, causing decrease in weight for temporarily
Side effects: Nausea, dizziness, lower blood pressure

Slimming pills (prescription): Lipase inhibitor
Side effects: Diarrhea, bloating

(Note: please refer weight loss supplement article for other ingredients that bring side effects to our body)

Weight loss method #2: Diet

Atkins Diet: Consumes only meat and no carbohydrates
Side effects: Increase kidneys’ burden. May cause spasm or osteoporosis

Fasting: Loss of water
Side effects: Loses lean muscle rapidly. May cause palpitation, weakness and even death

Low calorie meal: Short term effective results
Side effects: May cause malnutrition in the long run

Weight loss method #3: Surgery

Liposuction: An operation that removes unwanted fats from specific areas, including abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs.
Side effects: Possibility of gaining weight again

Gastric restrictive procedure- Vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG): Reduce the size of stomach by 15% to 30%.
Side effects: May cause future digestive and absorption problem

Other Weight loss methods

Sauna, Steam bath: Temporary water loss
Side effects: Weight is gained back after water is added back to body

Acupuncture, Accu-pressure: Control appetite
Side effects: Appetite resumes once the treatments is stopped

Slimming apparels: Increase your body temperature, perspiration
Side effects: Weight is gained back after water is added back to body

Please understand thoroughly about weight loss method you decide to use in any program for weight loss. No matter which weight loss method you choose, it is always to put safety at the first place. In a healthy weight loss program, it is advisable to have right weight loss concept, perform right exercise as well as eat right food and nutrition so that you can enjoy optimal weight loss results.

Does multivitamin supplement help in Weight Loss Program?

Does multivitamin supplement help in weight loss program? The answer is “Yes” since it has proven by recent studies that multivitamin supplement is needed in a healthy weight loss program. In fact, weight loss is not an easy thing to do, but weight loss goal is easier to achieve if you could wisely make use of weight loss and multivitamin supplement.

Actually, it is good for people under weight loss program taking appropriate supplements. A study regarding obesity in year 2004 divided 126 obese adults in 3 groups, performing different weight loss methods for a period of 24 weeks. All participants shown significant weight loss results at the end. However, results also shown that the body defense index (skin carotenoid scores) decreased 7% to 8% for all 3 groups.

This is because weight loss increases oxidative stress in the body, and fat burning process increases production of free radicals. For your information, Scientists have now proven that there are over 100 types of deceases related to or caused by free radicals. This is why multivitamin supplement is included and recommended in a healthy weight loss program.

Another research from Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association divided 230 adults participating in weight loss program into 4 groups, under 90 experiment days. Under the period of weight loss program, group A consumed multivitamin supplement, group B consumed single supplement, group C was a placebo group while group D did not consume any supplement.

At the end of the period, studies revealed that group A people decreased their body fat 2 times more than group B; 3 times more than group C and group D. This proves that people who take multivitamin supplement, even not a specific function weight loss supplement, do increase the efficiency in the weight loss program.

Although multivitamin supplement is helpful in a healthy weight loss program, you still need to build a good diet habit and perform right exercise so that you can enjoy a lasting weight loss results.

Phen375 – The 2 in 1 Diet Pill

For the majority of people, losing weight without the help of a fat burner can be difficult. Understanding this, the manufacturers of Phen375 embarked on a mission to create a product whose aim would be to focus attention on the two main components that influence weight loss: appetite suppression and metabolism.

Appetite Suppressor

You gained some extra weight because, like the majority of people, you love to eat. Your response is to embark on another weight loss regimen that will eventually fail after you surrender to the common enemy of all those who diet – food cravings. Does this story sound familiar?

It follows that any attempts to burn fat will be severely jeopardized if food intake can’t be controlled. This implies that a serious diet pill should give this issue serious attention.

Phen375 addresses this problem by including a potent appetite suppressor in its formulation. It helps to diminish your cravings and say “no” to the excess calories your body doesn’t need. At last, food urges can be kept under control without relying uniquely on your will power.

Do Weight Loss Pills Have Any Adverse Effects?

Depending on the type of supplement and its mechanism of action, different weight loss supplements may have different adverse effects.

Metabolism boosters have a stimulatory effect. That’s why the adverse effects they cause often include trouble sleeping, hypertension, racing heart, and anxiety.
The intake of fat absorption blockers is usually accompanied with some unpleasant adverse effects such as diarrhea, uncleared bowels, meteorism, bloatedness, loose stools, oily spotting, and fecal incontinence.

The use of appetite suppressors may lead to the occurrence of the following adverse effects: headache, diarrhea, stomach upset, bloatedness, vomiting, and some liver disorders.

Regardless of the type of weight loss pills you take, you can decrease the risk of any adverse effects only if you strictly follow the intake guidelines. Never use an excessive dose of any weight loss product and never combine a few dietary supplements. For example, the excessive dose of stimulant can be dangerous for your cardiovascular system and even can cause a heart stroke. The fat blocker overdose may lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. The common weight loss supplement overdose symptoms include dizziness, xerostomia, intestinal obstruction, headache, vomiting, and nausea.

Pregnancy and lactation are usually the contraindications to the intake of any dietary products. If you undergo a pharmaceutical treatment and/or suffer from any disease, it’s obligatorily to inform your healthcare provider about this before you undergo the weight loss supplementation.

10 Trouble-Free Weight Loss Tips Supported by Science

People who have a dream to fend off excessive weight are ready to believe almost everyone, promising to help them. That’s why there is so much false information with regard to the ways to combat overweight and obesity.
Fortunately, science-backed tips enabling you to lose undesirable weight without troubles exist. And now we will consider these tips.

Choose Small Plates

It may sound unbelievable but a small plate can really be your ally during the anti-obesity fight. It works very easy. The smaller plate you choose the smaller amount of food you consume.
The British scientists conducted a research, showing that the use of small plates allows adults to decrease the calorie intake by 159 calories per day. It means that the food consumption reduces by 9% per day if you simply change the plate size. And weight loss will not be long in coming.

Eat Slowly

If you want to help you body start losing weight, you have to learn to eat slowly. It means that you shouldn’t swallow the food before you properly chew it.
People who eat too quickly often consume more foods than they really need and get superfluous calories. But if you eat slowly, you protect yourself from weight gain. According to the research carried out at the Westchester University of Pennsylvania, it’s necessary to chew food from 30 to 50 times before swallowing it. And you will not only accelerate weight loss process, but also improve digestion.

Increase Protein Consumption

Protein is an extremely crucial nutrient. If the intake of this nutrient is not enough, it will be impossible to effectively decrease body weight.
If you adhere to a high protein diet, the food cravings will decrease by 60%, while the risk of late night eating will drop by 50%. Also, there is scientific evidence that such a diet helps reduce the daily calorie intake by 441 calories.
Don’t deprive yourself of protein. Even if you don’t change your diet but complement it with protein, you will see the positive difference in the body composition.

Give Preference to Single Ingredient Foods

Single ingredient foods belong to the healthiest foods. The most important thing is that such food is natural. It’s the best choice for all people who aspire to have a slim body.
Single ingredient foods guarantee a high level of satiety. So, you will not eat extra calories. In addition, if you eat the whole foods, you will avoid added sugar, fillers, flavorings, added fat, binders, and processed food. That’s why the consumption of these foods triggers the healthy weight loss mechanism.
Also, the whole foods improve the overall health because they are the source of very crucial nutrients and micronutrients.

Control Calorie Intake

Calorie counting is often a sure way to understand where you make a mistake and what stops you from losing the number of pounds you wish.
Keep record of what you eat and manage calorie intake, using a weight calorie calculator. In such a way, you will get to know your calorie balance. There should be a calorie deficit to enable you to lose weight. Proper control over calorie intake will help you achieve weight loss results faster.

Consume Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent beverage for people who want to get in shape without any health risks.
Caffeine is available in green tea just like in coffee. But its amount in green tea is lower, comparing to coffee. Green tea also contains strong antioxidants known under the name of catechins. Both caffeine and catechins actively participate in the natural fat melting process, promoting weight loss.
The regular consumption of green tea will bring you one step closer to your ideal body.

Add Spices to Your Meals

Spices such as hot peppers have thermogenic properties. It’s a scientifically proven fact that Cayenne pepper increases metabolic rate and reduces the feeling of hunger.
One study has indicated that the consumption of hot pepper makes people eat less fatty foods. Another study carried out at the Purdue University in 2011 has shown that spicy foods give a much higher satiation effect comparing to non-spicy foods. As a result, food intake decreases, and the weight gain doesn’t happen.

Take Advantage of Black Coffee

Black coffee has antioxidative effects highly beneficial for the overall health. But those who wish to shed extra pounds can also take advantage of black coffee.
During various studies, it was found out that caffeine available in coffee elevates metabolic rate by 3-11%. The other studies have indicated that fat-destroying potential of caffeine may vary from 10% to 29%. These properties of caffeine contribute to the weight loss.
Don’t forget that if you want to feel weight-decreasing effect of coffee, you should drink it without sugar and different toppings.

Use Coconut Oil

Not everybody is aware that coconut oil is a treasure trove of healthy fats known as medium chain triglycerides. These fats substantially differ from long-chain fatty acids because they are not stored in the body. That’s why it’s possible to use them for weight loss purpose.
Different studies have demonstrated that coconut oil enhances metabolism and curbs appetite. The consumption of this oil allows cutting the daily calorie intake by 256 calories. Another study gave evidence that the coconut oil use helps reduce waist circumference.
Of course, you shouldn’t just add coconut oil to the existing daily diet plan. It’s necessary to replace some unhealthy fats with this useful oil.

Sleep Well

Many people unfairly underestimate the great role of good sleep in the weight loss journey. Indeed, good sleep is like a kind of final touch that complements a balanced nutrition plan and professional workout program. Without this final touch, weight loss will not be successful.
The findings of many studies have confirmed that good sleep is a mandatory condition for the prevention of obesity. Otherwise, the probability of overweight and obesity will grow by 55% in adults and by 89% in children.

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